Fresh Herb Order Guidelines

For most of our fresh herbs, availability is listed on the website when they are ready to be harvested.  Because we are small farm, and produce small batches, I usually open fresh orders about a week before harvest of that particular herb.  I do send out our newsletter each week or every other week when herbs that are coming available fresh, depending on the season. Sign up for our newsletter to be alerted to when fresh herbs are available!  If there is a fresh herb you are interested in, you are always welcome to send me a message or email to find out more information regarding that herb/plant.


Fresh herb guidelines:


-Currently we cannot ship Fresh plant material to California, Alaska, or Hawaii. 


-Fresh herbs are available for local pickup or overnight shipping only, no exceptions (roots can ship 2 day)


-Because of the nature of the sizes and packaging for fresh herbs, shipping costs can vary and are sometimes hard to predict until packaging occurs.  We try our best to have the system set up to calculate the most accurate shipping cost for you.  However, if for some reason your package costs more to ship than your estimated shipping cost, we will reach out to you for the difference.  Likewise, if there is an overpayment of shipping costs at the time of checkout, we will refund the difference at the time of packaging. 


-Fresh herbs are not eligible for returns, refunds and are not guaranteed. We do the best we can to harvest, package and ship fresh herbs so they will arrive to you safely.


-Fresh herb orders are dependent on the weather, the crop, and the day of the week. When you order fresh herbs, we will contact you the evening before harvest day so that you can be prepared to receive your package. We harvest when the herbs are at their peak and the weather cooperates, it is your responsibility to be available to receive your fresh herb package.


-Most fresh herb orders are able to be filled within 7 days of your order. We will contact you if there is an issue that delays this time frame.


-Fresh herb orders must be paid at the time of your order. We harvest and ship within a few hours, therefore, orders need to be paid including shipping so your package can be sent as soon as possible. Any overcharge for orders or shipping will be refunded when your package is shipped. 


-Although we do the best we can to predict the quantity and availability of fresh herbs, we are at the mercy of the plants and the weather. We appreciate your flexibility so we can provide you with the highest quality herbs.


-Please include your phone number with your fresh herb orders.  We need to be able to contact you quickly should something arise regarding your fresh herb order.