About Us

Brian grew up learning many skills and trades that are valuable and necessary for our life here on the farm.  Not only does he work hard at his "off the farm" job, but he puts in hours and hours of work to keep the farm running.  He is the farm fixer, the welder, the vehicle maintainer, wood chopper, chicken butcher, beer brewer, hunter, fisherman, and anything you need done guy! 



Melissa has a background in Wildlife Science and Agriculture Education.  Before becoming a full-time farmer, she worked for several years as a Nature/Wildlife Educator, a High-School Agriculture teacher, and a mentor.  She uses her love for wildlife, gardening, and education to manage the farm's daily operations.  Melissa does most of the planning, starting, growing, weeding, maintaining and harvesting/processing of the herbs and flowers we produce here on the farm.

We also share our farm with some other "employees" that we think you should know!

 Watson (Farm Manager, Rule Keeper, Party Committee)

Freya (Time Keeper, Complaint Department)


Thistle (Pest Control, Snuggle Master, General Happiness Coordinator)
Naptime and Maggie (Brush and Invasive Plant Control Department)
Our Flock of Chickens (Egg and Compost Production Department)

 We believe Food is Medicine and our goal is to not only provide our family with healthy, whole foods and herbs, but to also share our knowledge and products with others.  We are so blessed to be able to produce a good portion of our own food on the homestead, while also running our small farm business. We find ourselves constantly in awe of the variety of nourishing and healing plants God has placed on our Earth and we are grateful for the opportunity to be stewards of the land and caretakers of our little farm. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us!  We would love to know more about you and what brings you to our shop, let us know you stopped by!

Find us on Instagram and Facebook or email at info@wildasterfarm.com